Based in Herefordshire, we only use the highest quality ex BBC equipment to transfer your precious memories to DVD, CD or digital streaming formats.
No consumer video recorders hooked up to laptops here!


Video Tape
£12 per tape

For the transfer of VHS Video, VHSC Video, Digital 8, Hi8, 8mm, MiniDV to DVD or any editable video file such as MP4, MP2, AVI.

£15 per tape/MiniDisc

For the professional transfer of Audio Cassettes & MiniDiscs to CD or MP3 USB Stick*. The tape/disc will be audio cleaned to remove any excess tape hiss if required at no additional cost.
*You can supply your own USB stick, or we can get them at cost price.

Vinyl Records
£15 per album

Digitally cleaned, crackles & pops removed. 33rpm, 45rpm & 78rpm records transferred. Only the highest grade CDs used.
£7 per 7" & 12" single records. Both sides transferred.

Audio Reel
£20 per 30 minutes

High quality transfer using ex BBC reel to reel machines.

Video Tape Repair
£10 per tape

Do you have a VHS video where the tape has been either chewed up or snapped? Depending on the severity of the tape, we can repair it so that the memories can be saved. No repair, no fee.

Slides & Negatives
25p per slide*

Quality full colour scanning. 
All slides transferred to CDROM.
*Minimum job of £5.00.

Video File to DVD
£12 per DVD

Do you have video files building up on your device? You can transfer the files to us & we will put them onto DVD for you.

Vocal Backing Tracks
£2 per track

If you are struggling to get a backing track? Contact us as we may be able to help.

Additional CD/DVD Copies
£7 each

Exact copy of the original. 
Region free to be played on any player. 
Printed disc and fully printed case.

Cine Film Transfer

Unfortunately we no longer offer Cine Film transfer. But it can still be done in Redditch by one of our friends who is a professional in the field of A/V recording and transfer.
If you are interested in having your Cine Film transferred, please contact Alastair Butler on 07782 127305. 

About Us...

Media Transfer Services are based in Hereford City but serve surrounding areas such as Redditch, Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Worcester, Leominster, Warwick, Malvern & Birmingham. We have drop off points in Hereford and Redditch town centre.

We offer a cost effective way for you to back up your precious memories from deteriorating media sources such as VHS tape, camcorder tapes, audio cassette and vinyl.

We transfer vinyl records, MiniDisk, audio cassette, VHS cassettes, reel to reel audio tape & all camcorder tapes directly into our state of the art audio/video studio, where we edit and clean (audio restoration) the captured material before transferring it to DVD or Audio CD. We also offer Audio/Data disc/USB too, where your audio/video recordings can be transferred to CD-ROM or USB stick as MP3/MP4 files. This makes it easy for you to email the audio files to your relatives and friends.
We also offer slide and negative scanning at just 25p per slide/negative!
We can also get pretty much any backing track for the vocalists out there for just £1 per track! Just get in touch with your requests.

The CD & DVD discs that we use are of the highest grade Ritek discs. Your finalized discs will be presented with a full colour cover in a DVD/CD case.

If you have old video recordings on VHS tape such as footage of a family holiday, wedding, christening or other home movie, you should consider converting them, while at the same time preserving your cherished memories for future enjoyment.
DVDs take up considerably less space so they are easier to store and send, and they're more durable than VHS cassette tape. Furthermore, DVD recordings are stored digitally rather than the magnetic analogue format of VHS, so they're more versatile and not susceptible to wear and tear when regularly watched.

VHS tape does not last forever. With incorrect storage, heat and humidity have the potential to ruin your treasured memories, rendering them unwatchable and lost forever. Also, if you have a VHS tape that has been chewed up or snapped in your machine, depending on the severity of the tape, we can usually save the tape by repairing it properly.

Transferring your VHS recordings to DVD will bring all those treasured memories back to life. They can all be remastered in a modern digital format with our VHS to DVD service.

We have invested in professional ex BBC equipment to transfer your memories to your desired formats. We do not use consumer VHS players hooked up to a laptop like many other people do. The transfer of your memories only needs to be done once, so why comprimise?



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